Booking buttons made easy

Copy and paste a button into your website and get a professional booking engine.
Advanced web component technology widget, easier than ever. 49 USD per year!

<span class='blink_me'>Booking buttons</span> made easy

How does it work?

It's simple. It works with your current editor (like a widget or plugin). Copy and paste the buttons wherever you want and offer your clients the same ease of booking as the big platforms, but without the cost!


Just add some booking buttons and get everything you need to run your rental: Availability calendars, search bars, booking buttons, payment system, reservation overview, automatic booking confirmation, instant channel synchronization, etc. etc.

Zero commissions per booking

Save thousands of dollars a year and set your own rules. helps you to save a lot of money

Use this calculator to see how much you can save:


Platform fees::

per year

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